Laurel Bangura with Initiators at a Community Meeting.

07 May 2010


Mrs. Laurel Bangura has recently returned from a meeting in Ethiopia to further support the anti-FGM movement. CESMYCO will be returning to Kambia district soon and other new operational areas in Bombali northern providence of Sierra Leone. CESMYCO will also conduct programs with Medical, Judiciary, Legislative, medical and media constituents. CESMYCO is continuing to make progress in developing plans to support women/initiators in the operational areas with Alternative Empowerment Opportunities (AEO Project) in the form of agricultural ventures (economic empowerment for poverty alleviation) in the western areas and Kambia. Bombali (a new location - pictured in blue) and Moyamba District (pictured in red) are also slated for outreach work. CESMYCO will now create anti-FGM schools clubs in schools in operational areas.

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